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2020 ready, My new 12-Week Program provides you all the tools you need to transform your body and have you leaner, stronger, healthier and fitter then you have every been. Custom nutrition, Custom fitness program, 24/7 1-on-1 support from your online coach, and access to our online Peers group.



My all new 12-Week program

✅Sunshine Coasts most entertaining trainer
✅Unlimited workouts 
✅Recipe guide that will make broccoli taste like Oreos
✅A group of online “friends you never had” who are in this with you.
✅And a ton all the things

Listen to what others are saying

“The entire experience was great. From the first meeting to my final weigh-in. There’s always something intimidating about joining something like this but the staff and all the coaches are welcoming and encouraging (even on the tough days). It didn’t take long for this place to feel like home. If they run another challenge, do it.” 

- Robyn

“Not gonna lie. I thought I knew what to do. I had been in shape before and figured I’d get right back into shape. Wrong. After struggling for about 6 months I found this Gym and joined with the free challenge deal. I was able to get leaner in these 28 Days than 6 months on my own. Follow the program and see for yourself. It works.” 

 - Ellen

Why is my 12-Week Transformation different?

12-Weeks Of Fitness

Fitness does not have to be difficult.  We make it fun and effective.  Each workout only uses exercises that can be modified for every fitness level.  Our Fitness Plans have helped hundreds of people achieve the body they've always dreamed of without boredom, repetition, or injury.  Whether it's in your garage or your living room, we've got you covered. 

12-Week Nutrition Plan

Can you stick to a diet for 12-Weeks?  Most people can.  How about a lifetime?  Our 12-Week Nutrition Plan will teach you everything you need to do to eat healthy and lose weight, but more importantly, keep it off!  It's not a "one size fits all" plan.  It's totally customized for you based on what you like to eat, and what works best for your body.

Your Own Coach 

Your coach is going to be your best friend for the next 12-Weeks...maybe.  It depends what you define as a friend.  Nonetheless they will be holding you accountable to your goals, there to help with fitness modifications, recovery, following the nutrition plan, you name it.  They will be your rock.  There for you each step of the challenge.

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