Improving Mental Health With Physical Activities

Doing exercise is the last thing you want to do when you are exhausted mentally. In our minds, exercises are a tool that is only needed when we want to pump up those biceps or trim the waistline to look sexier. Exercises are structured physical activities and not only exercise, but every physical activity is a great stress buster.  According to studies, physical activities release feel-good hormones in the body that make us feel lighter, relaxed and energized. Exercises enhance aerobic capacity which translates into more oxygen reaching the brain.  Increased oxygen and blood flow in the body kill back pain and headache that worry us post long sitting hours in the office. Maybe you already know that exercising lowers anxiety levels, fights off stress, and uplifts the mood, and does more. Still when it comes to exercise regularly or simply exercise, why do you find yourself shy to do it? Let me answer that for you!

Your barriers to exercise

  • Work exhausted- You barely want to work anymore if you are already under stress or tired of sitting before the screen.


  • Busy schedule- Any thought of adding an extra task to the already occupied to-do-list might scare you of the workload you are putting on. And especially the morning wake-up call!


  • No exercising gears- Even if you are thinking to go and workout tomorrow, you feel this sudden lack of resources or gear to get into a proper health and diet regime.

What if I tell you, these are all the excuses your mind is making up to save you that extra little effort. Once you get to know that regularly taking up physical activities can boost your energy levels, mood, and general well-being, you are going to include exercise as an unavoidable part of your life.

How exercises can boost mental health and uplift mood!

●         Beat physical and mental stress

Doing any work continuously for a long, specifically, the on-screen work causes stiffness in the neck, shoulder, and back. It is the primary reason behind back pain and headache. Worrying more about that physical pain leads further to more mental worries. This cycle can be broken by doing exercises. Physical activities release endorphins, a chemical that reduces pain, adds up to pleasure and helps feel better.

●            Better memory

Endorphins released in the brain helps to be focused on the task at hand for long hours. It keeps the mind fresh and leads to feeling physically and mentally energetic. It is also associated with reducing the level of neurodegenerative diseases.

●            Better sleep

Being mentally fit cannot be imagined without securing a good sleep. Have you noticed that the day you have worked your muscles and legs more, you fall asleep fast that day than when you are tired mentally from a hectic office project? Physical activities in the daytime help regulate sleeping patterns.

Having come across the factual aspects of mental health and physical health, we must suggest simple exercises for boosting your energy and mood levels. You are not going to need any special gear or costly plans for some of these exercises. Have a look at the platter!

5 Best exercises for mental fitness and good mood levels

1.       Running

Running for 20 minutes daily can fight off depression on striking levels. During running, there is an increase in the concentration of norepinephrine, a brain chemical moderating stress response. Running reduces tensions in the mind and boosts focus.

2.       Yoga

Yoga is an unmatched technique for relaxing the mind, sharpening memory, creating calmness of the mind, and improving overall health. The breathing mechanism during yoga enhances the heart rate and improves brain oxygen levels.

3.       Cycling

I find cycling the most joyous activity. Taking the bicycle out in the morning through nature is a thrilling experience. Cycling helps with creative thinking. It stabilizes the mental and physical function of our body, and it’s a great workout for reducing anxiety levels, boosting up the mood, and improving the aerobic capacity of the body.

4.       Resistance Training

Forget the sexier waist and toned muscles, weightlifting, and bodyweight exercise are the most workable exercise to boost self-esteem and confidence level. Moreover, the endorphin hit in the brain gives great pleasure to the mind, that’s why we are even more refreshed after gym workout sessions.

5.       Dance

Plugin the headphones and get started at odd hours (definitely not in your cubicle) to give your body a happiness hormone dose which will do more to lift your mood higher than cutting the fat(that too helps!)

Regular physical activities are recommended by doctors in treating even highly neurodegenerative processes like dementia and schizophrenia. What you need to do is to make sure exercise is an unavoidable part of your life, as important as your breakfast!  Even if you can’t find much time to exercise in a structured way, bring any physical activity in routine.

If the bigger chunks of challenges demotivate you and rightly so in our hectic schedule,  challenge yourself to a 30-minutes exercise daily for five days a week and look how the wellness quotient of your life multiplies itself into lesser mood swings, more willingness to work, and ever energized mind.

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