24/7 Access is back as of 03/07/2020, due to government recommendation we have changed our business hours to help stop the spread and allow for accurate contact tracing.

35 Members limit. (With the government regulations we can have up to 60 people but we choose to remain at a safe 1 person per 7m2)

15 Person limit per class. (space 75m2)

Showers are now open but  drinking fountains are closed.

We are closing during the day twice for deep cleaning. stage 3 we remain open during clean.

Hands free sanitizers installed.

Regular cleaning (after classes, Between PT'S, When sharing equipment)

We will be enforcing no towel no train rule, signing in rule, social distancing rule.

Correct Hand Hygiene is expected (wash for 20 second) 

We have displayed our Covidsafe business plan and our cleaning checklist on the front window.

We are doing every thing we can to keep our members safe.

New Covid-Safe Business Hours / Gym Times 24/7   

 6.00AM-7:30AM & 9:00AM-12:00PM & 3:30PM-7:30PM
6.00AM-7:30AM & 9:00AM-12:00PM & 3:30PM-6:30PM


ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS Must individually sign in. If you do not have your key you must manually fill out guest register form every time you attend the club.

  1. SOCIAL DISTANCING of 1.5 Metres must be practiced at all times.

  2. Use a clean towel each time you attend a session.

  3. Wash your hands or use alcohol based hand sanitizer before and after you train.

  4. Disinfectant wipe down exercise equipment before and after use.

  5. Bring extra towels to place on exercise equipment if possible.

  6. Do not use water fountain. Please bring your own water.

  7. Stay at home if your unwell. Do not enter if you have a Sore throat, Dry cough, Runny nose, Fatigue or any flu like symptoms. If you have symptoms contact your doctor immediately.

  8. Cover your Mouth and Nose when coughing or sneezing by catching droplets with a bent elbow then wash your hand immediately.

  9. Follow floor directions and stop, give way then go when crossing any two way areas.

  10. 1 person per machine.

  11. Pad work, sparring, partnered exercises are not allowed in this facility at this stage.

  12. Spotting is only allowed in emergency situations.

  13. Please leave as soon as your work out is over.

  14. Do not gather inside the club.

  15. Children's play area is limited to one person or children's from the same house hold at one time.

  16. Do not move any benches as they are set 1.5 metres apart for your safety.
  17. Tell staff as soon as possible if you see any one not following these rules.