Staying motivated in the gym using tricks and treats

I used to work out up to twice a day but I have stopped lately. I have lost my motivation to train and what should I do?

If you are right now in this feel-bad zone and your mind wants you to work but you are too tired or to bored to allow your body to grind, I feel you. Yes, because I have been through the phase when you just can’t imagine yourself being out there doing exercises.

Not only you and me, it's common for people to start working out with a purpose in the beginning but soon lose the will. Despite all the fatigue, tiredness, boredom sets in, you are just looking for the right motivation and guidance to pull you out of your comfort zone and take you along for a healthy ride.

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Here we help you with a few best strategies and little tricks to drive your workout motivation. But before that, let's make you aware of why your workout plans fail in the first place and why do you break out of your exercise regimes even when you want to train!

Reasons why you lose interest to train

  • Progress plateau

You are bored, tired, or just having a flat day. And that feeling never begins to end. You tried, took advice from others but can’t find any more motivation to persist. Above any other factors, motivation is the first and foremost important.

  • Unbalanced approach to life

You want to get fit, look sexier but cannot resist cravings, or you don't want to leave that comfy bed in the morning. This continuous denial of your commitments triggers a vicious cycle where you want something but aren’t ready to work to achieve it.

  • Not having defined goals

For many, gymming is a new year resolution, a January promise. Or some walk into the gym just because their colleague told them to do so.

In any case, ask yourself why do you want to go to the gym? This simple question will sort out loads of other questions worrying you.

Some of the reasons above would fit your situation. So we will guide you with techniques that will kill your lame excuses and help you find that motivation inside you to grind.


7 Best tricks to motivate yourself for the gym

  • Setting clear goals

Define your purpose of workout clearly and then make chunks of fitness objectives. This way, you will achieve smaller set targets that will fire you up to achieve the next one and the next.

  • Work with a partner

You do not need a gym zombie, just a fit partner who will help you train, keep a personal track of your achievements and hurdles. Make sure that your gym partner is more motivated and experienced than you. A gym partner won’t let you down, which will inspire you to become the same for others, and for that very reason, you will always be self-inspired. Isn’t a friend always the best motivation?

  • Reward yourself with cheat meals

  When you have achieved your set target of 6 days per week or a 15-day workout(with regular breaks), reward yourself with your favorite Doritos or your favorite ice cream at your chosen restaurant (only when you have completed your workout properly).

Protip: You can get health supplements like pre-workouts, regular protein shakes, BCAA in tasty flavors. What else could you want when tasty shakes boost up your fitness for that beach body!

  • Use visual aids

Click yourself, first in your mind where you want yourself to be and then with the mobile camera, to find the gap. It will keep track of your progress and keep off track the laziness because you want that body more badly now than ever.

  • Do something different

Doing 3 sets of 12 reps each per week for a month will flush all your inner drive to exercise out. If doing strength training has bored you, mix up with more aerobic exercises or do calisthenics. Get out for marathons some weekends for a change.

  • Get a professional trainer

A professional trainer knows your challenges at the grass-roots level and knows how to train you to cross them. Regular monitoring, mentoring and feedback will help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

  • Take up a challenge

Take up a selfie challenge, or a 6-week challenge and you want to take it up to social media also where you are going to inspire a whole lot of people around you. You can also take up any other fitness challenge.

Protip: Change your music! Believe me, fine-tune your songs for the gym and see they will keep you up for longer hours consistently.

These tricks and treats are not some ninja tales but promising techniques to remove the inconsistencies in our workout regimes. And when incorporated with good planning, they will surprise you with unbelievable changes in your body and behavior.

Any habit loop is set easier if we provide a cue and a reward. Understand what is breaking your habits, give yourself a cue, and don’t forget to reward yourself.

SHANE LAZARUS, Universe Gym Caloundra


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