Fast-Pro is a fast release whey protein which is low in fat & carbohydrates. Fast-Pro is rapidly absorbed by the body and ideally used around physical activity to help support muscle nutrition, repair and recovery. Fast-Pro is rapidly digested and absorbed into the body providing easy mixing with water and tastes great!

Available in 600g (20 serves) and 3.1kg (103 serves). Chocolate and Vanilla flavours

Slow-Pro is a high quality low fat and carbohydrate slow release protein which digests over a long period of time. Using a slow release protein will help keep you fuller for longer, preventing ongoing cravings. Slow-Pro can be used with meals to boost one’s daily protein intake, as a satisfying snack between meals or before bed. This protein tastes great and mixes easily in milk or water.

Available in: 600g (20 serves) or 3.1kg (103 Serves) in Chocolate or Vanilla

Femme-Pro Slim is a specifically designed women’s body toning protein that is low in fat and carbohydrate. Femme-Pro Slimcan be used with meals to boost protein content or as a satisfying snack to support the metabolism and reduce cravings. This protein has the benefits of a slow digesting protein and additional thermogenics to support body toning.

Available in 600g (approx 30 serves) or 1.5kg (approx 75 serves). Jaffa Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla & NEW STRAWBERRYflavours

Creatine supports energy release throughout physical activity, especially explosive bursts of power. Creatine is ideal for those looking to increase strength and exercise intensity. TSN's pure creatine monohydrate is designed to assist in recycling the body's first immediate energy source (ATP).

Available in: 500g (100serves)

Veg-Pro is a fantastic alternative to dairy based whey protein products as it is dairy and lactose free and has no ingredients that contain gluten. Veg-Pro is 100% Natural, sourced from Pea Protein Isolate derived from yellow peas and has a highly concentrated amino acid profile. This means Veg-Pro can be used as a direct replacement for whey protein or an alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or have gluten based intolerances.

Available in: 500g (Vanilla Chai Flavour)


ARS (Amino Recovery Stack) is a quality ZERO fat ZERO sugar amino drink designed to support muscle nutrition and recovery. ARS is a fantastic tasting during training drink rich in premium grade BCAA’s and L-Glutamine. ARS also contains added MSM for healthy joint support and B vitamins for maximum absorption.

If your looking to improve recovery, reduce muscle soreness and increase muscle tone, ARS is the perfect addition to your supplement cupboard.

Available in: 250g or 400g (Lemon or Raspberry)

Massculine-Pro is a high protein, calorie dense muscle food. Massculine-Pro provides all the quality nutrients and calorie a growing body needs to support strength, recovery and growth. A highly absorbable 50/50 protein and carbohydrate muscle food designed specifically for those looking to gain size. Massculine-Pro tastes great and mixes easily in milk or water.

Available in: 3.1kg (40 serves) in velvety vanilla and smooth chocolate flavours.

Pre-Amp LOADED just as the name suggests is TSN’s newest HIGH STIM pre-workout energy fuel with ZERO FAT & ZERO SUGAR. In need of an extra boost of energy and concentration before your workouts? Pre-Amp LOADED will be sure to give you the kick you need! ZERO CRASH! NOW AVAILABLE IN PINEAPPLE, WATERMELON & RASPBERRY SPLICE

Available in: Pineapple, Watermelon & Raspberry Splice 360g (72 Servings)

Femme-Fuel is a Zero sugar before training energy and body toning drink. Femme-Fuel contains caffeine for energy with additional thermogenics to support the calorie burning process. Femme-Fuel can be used before training or sipped on as a refreshing orange drink throughout the day.

Available in:  250g (21 serves) 500g (42 serves) in Orange & Pink Margarita Flavours

Z-Mag is a highly absorbed  zinc and magnesium drink that helps play a vital role to assist in boosting the immune system, regulating healthy sleep patterns, promoting anti-oxidant protection and hormone regulation.

Available in: 150g (43 serves) Lemon Flavour